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This entire area is dedicated to music and music collecting.

I've been interested in music since I was little, and I started taking piano lessons when I was seven. I started playing by ear when I was 11 or so, I remember picking out "Classical Gas" by Mason WIlliams, which is a guitar piece, on the piano.  I moved on to stuff by the Beatles and the piano parts to Rolling Stones songs.

Over the summer of 1971 I started playing in bands, and I also learned how to play the guitar from Bob Zentz, a very popular folk singer in the Norfolk Va. region. He also had a guitar and music shop called Ramblin' Conrad's, where I hung out.

I started collecting vinyl albums in 1972, when I was a junior in high school. My first favorites from this time period were Elton John, the Moody Blues, Emerson Lake and Plamer, and Yes. I also started taping live concerts off the radio.

By the time I graduated from college in 1980, I had a very extensive vinyl collection. I also was still playing. In  1982 I joined a punk band called Front Line, and began hanging out with Jeff Clites, who had a huge bootleg collection  that I began to sponge off of. Jeff is the source of about two thirds of my bootleg collection.

Jeff died in 2002.

In 2002 I began transferring the bootleg tapes to CD, but I use a seperate component on my stereo, not my computer. So My bootleg CD's are not MP3 and do not sound flat.

This site also contains my musical opinions, and my ideas of good movies. See if we agree.

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