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Donald "Kirk" Marchand


Associate of the
 Weichert, Realtor North Bethesda Office

11300 Rockville Pike
Rockville MD, 20852

Office Phone:
301 468-1600

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301 984-1076

Cell Phone: 301 602-6474

I grew up in the Norfolk/ Va. Beach area, and I have a degree in Geography from Old Dominion University.

I've lived in the DC Metropolitan area since 1983. I have attended the University of Maryland, with continuing education at the University of Maryland University College and Montgomery Community College.

I have taught middle and high school in Prince Georges County, Montgomery County, Howard County, and in Washington D.C.

As a Geographer I became very familiar with the Washington Metro area, and my unique skills can help you find your dream home!
August 25th

I've spoken with a number of prospective buyers, and all of them have one or both of the following issues of concern. First, they are concerned about interest rates going up. My own argument is that rates can only go up as far as the markets will let them. At some point people are going to ease up on demand for loans.

The only time the Fed ever tried to raise rates to cut off demand was in the early 1980's in an effort to choke off inflation. With my other hat as a History teacher, I would argue that raising interest rates was a coincidence. The inflation of the 1970's was substantially due to President Nixon taking us off the gold standard "cold turkey". That caused a massive correction in the value of the dollar and that was the major cause of the inflation.

It's history now, but the point is that the market is a force in interest rates, and banks and the Fed still have to make a profit. So if you're considering buying a home now,  you sould be more concerned about present rates and what you can afford, rather than trying to predict the future.

The second issue is demand. Until recently, there were a lot more buyers than sellers. I've helped successfully market homes when the seller initially thought they were "under water" and there was still a housing recession. That is correcting, and now there's more of a balance. But for awhile in the Maryland/ DC/ Northern Va. market, it was difficult to get a home in the $200,000 - $400,000 range. There was a lot of demand, and multiple offers on homes within days of coming on the market. I helped a very nice lady and her grandaughter find a home almost two years ago. We looked for about a year and submitted around 15 contracts before we actually landed a home.

The fall is a better buying season for the buyer, there really is less demand once school is in session. If you are a seller, you should expect to take awhile to get the price you want, or you're probably going to have to come down in the price you settle for. So buyers, this is a better time for you. 

Find a good agent, and happy home hunting!

July 12th

The Washington area has always been a strong real estate market, even during 2009 and 2010 there were still steady home sales. Today the market is very strong, with good prices for both buyers and sellers.

An interesting part of the market are multi bedroom multi bath single family and townhouse homes around $300,000 and below. Very few of these are currently being repossessed by banks, most current repos are a year or more old. Distressed homes are being bought, often for cash, by investors looking to either rent the homes or renovate and sell for a profit. 

Mortgage rates are low too. A lot of people are afraid of escalating mortgage rates once the Fed starts moving this fall or winter. I would beg to differ, the Fed can’t simply and arbitrarily raise rates. 

Rates affect the lending market, and if rates go up too much, people will stop borrowing. If people don’t borrow the banks and the Fed won’t make any money, it’s as simple as that. People have gotten used to 3 or 4% rates, even much over 5% will be soundly rejected by the market. So buy or sell soon, or do both, but make sure you're happy with this most important purchase!

Updated 9/5/2018

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