Collector's Corner

I collect music, in a number of formats and a number of styles.

I am looking for very good to excellent quality tapes from the following artists:

The Who David Bowie Love, especially 1966-69
Sonic Youth Jeff Buckley Tim Buckley
Blue Cheer Suicide Rolling Stones, soundboard
U2 Black Sabbath The Cure
Velvet Underground Roxy Music, especially 1970's Traffic, especially 1967-69
The Moody Blues, especially 1967-72 Jefferson Airplane Blue Oyster Cult
The Damned Cheap Trick, especially early 1980's R.E.M., especially 1985-90
Nirvana, studio and soundboard Dave Matthews Band Rusted Root
The Stranglers Buzzcocks Ramones
Matthew Sweet Moby The Stooges
Kyuss The Allman Brothers Beavis Frond

I prefer soundboard tapes and studio outtakes, although excellent quality audience tapes are all right. More information is with my list. Go to it and see if you see anything interesting!


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Updated 5/5/2013

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