My Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do you sell your bootleg CD's/ Tapes?
No, the CD's and tapes are only for trade.

2. How about postage?
In general, I'm paying as much to send to you as you are to send to me.

3. What do you use to burn CD's?
I do NOT use MP3's or burn the CD's on my computer. I have a TDK unit hooked into my stereo and can burn the CD's from other CD's, tapes, or vinyl.   

4.  How about song lists?
If I have the list, I generally e-mail it to you unless you request otherwise.

5. Do you include artwork?
No, I have too many CD's/ Tapes to devote time to that.

6. What brand CD's do you  use?
I usually use TDK or Sony blanks.

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Hopefully this answers your questions
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