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  I have taught piano and guitar lessons to individual students since 1985 in the Washington Metro area. I have also taught instrumental music at the high school level.

I tailor the program to meet the needs and taste of the student,  and as soon as the student reaches an acceptable skill level, personal favorites of the student become part of the program.

Playing the piano takes a lot of time. Learning to control all ten fingers, bringing all ten fingers up to coordination and dexterity, and making the eye - hand connection with the music all require practice.

The guitar is difficult because each hand does something completely different. As a result the first month or so of lessons involves drills to increase dexterity.

Students should be ready to practice every day, and students should have an acceptable instrument in the home. An acceptable piano is either acoustic or electric, with at least five octaves, a sustain pedal, and the keys should be touch sensitive, in other words the harder the keys are struck the louder the instrument sounds.

It normally takes a year of weekly half hour lessons and fifteen to thirty minutes of practice time daily for the student to be able to have enough left hand control to be able to play easy versions of popular or classical music. This of course varies with age, adult students and pre-school children usually take more time.

I have taught students as young as 4, and as old as 60. Young students should be able to count and should know the alphabet before they can start.

Please contact me if you are interested, my e-mail is kirkmarchand@msn.comkirkmarchand@msn.com, and my phone number is 301 602-6474.

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