Ordering Music


1. This site is for trade only, I do not sell bootlegs

2. I do not copy commercial CD's, I will burn vinyl albums that are not available as CD's on an individual basis as part of a trade.

3. Trades are 1 for 1 CD's, irregardless of the length of time of program on the disc. So if I want one CD from you that is 32 minutes of music, and you want one CD that is 65 minutes of music, that is still a 1 for 1 trade.

4. If you normally include picture sleeves or CD labels with your trades, fine. I don't, I just have too much to deal with that too.

5. I will let you know how long it will be before I can send your CD's, if I have to transfer a tape that takes longer since I have to do it in real time.

6. Please do not burn discs as MP3 unless you absolutely have to.

 7. It is assumed that if you want bootlegs, you are already collecting the commercial music of the artist. Support artists, especially now with the way the music conglomerates are ripping off artists and consumers. It is assumed that bootlegs are music that is not commercially available. If it becomes commercially available, I pull it from my catalog unless there is a difference in track selection. 

8. To order a trade, send your want list and your list of music to kirkmarchand@msn.com. I check frequently, so you should get something in 48 hours.

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